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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Dec 03, 2020 •

We're excited to announce ClinEdge and BTC Network have come together, under a new, refreshed ClinEdge brand!

While both companies have been under the same ownership and management structure since inception, ClinEdge & BTC Network as a unified brand enable unparalleled benefits to all clinical trial stakeholders with our site and sponsor partners as our focus.

The industry is demanding enhancements with more efficient trial conduct models to not only remain competitive but to be the front-runner in offering site and patient solutions. Over the next several months, ClinEdge will be launching exciting service level enhancements and new services to the industry.

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Creating innovative solutions that connect and empower the clinical trial ecosystem.
We are dedicated to improving overall trial success through all phases of the study. Whether providing Site and Patient Access to Sponsors or enhanced Trial Solutions to Site partners, ClinEdge supports your business through every stage of every study.

Global Site Network

The ClinEdge Network brings together the industry’s most respected, high performing and advanced research site companies. With turn-key integrated trial solutions, ClinEdge provides clinical research support to patients and hundreds of multi-specialty physicians to successfully conduct complex clinical trials across Phase I-IV clinical studies.

Integrated Trial Solutions

End-to-end rapid study start-up and centralized trial management designed for complex site selection needs. With deeper integration at the site level, ClinEdge provides direct access to physicians, patients and data that enables research to be streamlined through a managed services provider and enables recurring trial processes. This gives pharmaceutical companies a central outlet for selecting sites, managing patient study procedures, and critical data workflows.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

ClinEdge collaborates with Sponsors and CROs to build a patient-facing clinical trial strategy by providing ideation and execution across all aspects of a targeted outreach campaign. We do this by providing a full continuum of strategic branding and marketing solutions across the entire clinical trial spectrum.

Patient Travel Experience

Personalized clinical trial travel solutions designed to meet retention goals of global clinical trials. From coordinating ground transportation to complex international medical travel with patients, ClinEdge understands the complexities of clinical trial travel. ClinEdge ensures all patients have study requirements in order to boost trial participation and overall study experience.

Decentralized Trials

Improve recruitment, compliance and retention in decentralized trials. ClinEdge provides a unique blend of remote, patient-centric, community-based clinical trial services that streamline the clinical trial process and connect participating sites, labs and patients.  Through central communication, education, and training, ClinEdge ensures that patient visits can be conducted virtually, in person, or within the comforts of their home.

Study Staffing Placements

Filling open clinical research positions at research sites is a time-consuming process. To overcome hiring obstacles and optimize your facility’s capabilities, ClinEdge developed a unique site candidate matching system to meet each site's unique staffing needs.

Site Network Services

A global network of high-performing, high-quality research sites specializing across most therapeutic areas and patient populations. ClinEdge Network has established collaborations and built relationships with leading Sponsors and CROs for studies in nearly every therapeutic area.

Financial Management

ClinEdge offers tools and customizable support to provide end to end financial services support across each spectrum of the research sites business. Research institution administration efforts can be complex and extensive. The ClinEdge financial service team helps sites increase their financial operations by more than 30% on average by negotiating, analyzing, guiding, and reviewing data. ClinEdge combines clinical experience with analytics to optimize your site's growth and financial success.

Marketing & Patient Recruitment

Increase patient engagement and market presence while enabling your staff to remain focused on patient care.  ClinEdge works collaboratively with research sites to strategize their marketing and advertising campaigns to target specific patient populations.  With experience in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, we can reach even the most specific patient pools.

Site Staffing Services

Filling open clinical research positions at research sites is a time-consuming process. To overcome hiring obstacles and optimize your facility’s capabilities, ClinEdge developed a unique site candidate matching system to meet each site's unique staffing needs.

Integrated Study Services

An exclusive group of top-performing network sites with access to ClinEdge’s integrated trial solutions service model alleviates site staff burden to facilitate trial delivery, patient safety, quality of data, and the growing complexity of trial execution. By integrating fully to ClinEdge’s ETS team and technology (CTMS, eSource, eRegulatory), site processes are streamlined to maximize efficiencies – providing an additional competitive advantage.


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