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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Jan 11, 2021 •

The combined company will drive clinical trial business solutions addressing the needs of sponsors, clinical research organizations and research sites.

BOSTON, January 11, 2021 (

ClinEdge and BTC Network, leading sister companies providing clinical trial management solutions to pharmaceutical companies, CROs and clinical research institutions, are pleased to announce the companies have merged to one organization under a refreshed ClinEdge brand with the goal of delivering streamlined, value-added trial management solutions to the clinical trial industry.

Over the past decade, ClinEdge and BTC Network have delivered some of the most innovative clinical research business solutions addressing the needs of sponsors, CROs and clinical research sites. These solutions cover the trial lifecycle and include two global networks of research clinics, patient recruitment and retention solutions, marketing and creative design engagement services, patient travel coordination, trial management, staffing, financial services, and decentralized trial management capabilities.

The combined company under the ClinEdge brand, will continue to address industry demands for more efficient trial conduct models to not only remain competitive, but to be the front-runner in offering site and patient solutions to clinical studies, addressing hybrid clinical trials and enabling one organization to support in centralizing and managing start-up and ongoing study conduct. Over the next few months, ClinEdge will be launching several service level enhancements to provide increased support to its site and sponsor partners.

"With turnkey research site and patient engagement services that boost transformative conduct across complex clinical trials, the combined company will continue to provide end-to-end solutions to expedite the trial management process and to provide the very best research sites to pharmaceutical trials across most therapeutics areas," said Christian Burns, Co-CEO of ClinEdge.

Al Peters, Co-CEO of ClinEdge adds "As thought leaders in the clinical trial space, we are pleased to deliver new and enhanced trial services that will seamlessly integrate and strengthen our partner's business operations, providing critical support as the site business model continues to change."

ClinEdge is dedicated to improving overall trial success through all phases of the study. Whether providing site and patient access to sponsors or enhanced trial solutions to site partners, ClinEdge will continue to execute on its mission to create innovative solutions that connect and empower the clinical trial ecosystem.

About ClinEdge

ClinEdge provides a full suite of clinical and outsourced business services to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research institutions, and CROs. The company includes a global network of research clinics, patient recruitment and retention, marketing and creative design engagement services, patient travel coordination, trial management, staffing, and financial service solutions. With extensive experience in medical indications representing all therapeutic areas and a specialty in rare disease engagement, the company has helped clients successfully conduct thousands of clinical studies by maximizing clinical research operations, minimizing enrollment times, and improving overall business performance.


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