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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Apr 07, 2021 •

BOSTON, MA – April 7, 2021 – ClinEdge, a leader in the clinical trial industry, providing clinical trial management solutions to pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s, and research facilities, announced today a partnership with Skylight Health Group, a multi-state primary care management group in the United States.

Skylight Health Group provides primary care services in multiple states across the US and will act as a clinical research site partner for ClinEdge. Their mission is to return US healthcare to the way it should be – highly accessible and highly affordable. With decades of experience and over a hundred thousand patients in their roster, Skylight will bring immense value to this partnership.

This partnership with Skylight will add to ClinEdge’s decade of experience and deep understanding of current challenges and will bring clinical research trials investigating a wide range of indications beginning with clinical sites in Massachusetts. This will provide an opportunity for patients in Massachusetts to participate in these trials, which may provide them access to new therapies, treatments, or vaccines. Skylight Health understands the value of research, and not only wants to provide the best care of their own patients but wants to ensure that as a company, they can contribute to the broader medical science community as it continues to progress. Based on the success in Massachusetts, Skylight and ClinEdge will look to further expand this partnership across other US states.

ClinEdge brings trial opportunities in a wide range of indications, including diabetes, COVID-19, arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, hypertension, and many others. Patient participation in trials awarded to Skylight Health will be available for both existing patients, as well as individuals who may not be patients of Skylight Health but are interested in contributing to clinical research.

About ClinEdge:

ClinEdge provides a full suite of clinical and outsourced business services to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research institutions, and CROs. The company includes a global network of research clinics, patient recruitment and retention, marketing and creative design engagement services, patient travel coordination, trial management, staffing, and financial service solutions. With extensive experience in medical indications representing all therapeutic areas and a specialty in rare disease engagement, the company has helped clients successfully conduct thousands of clinical studies by maximizing clinical research operations, minimizing enrollment times, and improving overall business performance.


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