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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Feb 02, 2021 •

As ClinEdge celebrates its ten years of service and the amazing milestones we have seen through the years, we are especially thankful to our committed and dedicated employees who have been on this journey with us.

Employee Spotlight Interview

Christine Medeiros - Compliance Officer

Joined ClinEdge in 2014

When did you first start working at ClinEdge and what was your first role with the company?

I first started working for the company in July of 2014, working for UClinical as a regulatory document specialist in the New Bedford office of ClinEdge. I watched the office in New Bedford fill up until we were packed to maximum limit. Then the need to provide more space which was desperately needed came with the addition of the Canton office, which I visited for many vendor audits. In a short period of time, the Canton was also getting full and it was time to look for a larger facility that would house everyone, merging the Louis Wharf and Canton offices together. During my time here I have worked for ClinEdge, UClinical, Blue Theory Clinical, Integrated a part of BTC Network. As the years passed I watched the company grow and grow and was very happy to see the needed changes that were being made to make this company what it is today by adding additional platforms.

What is your role now? Please provide a general description of role.

I started out doing what I love, site startup, anything from site selection, feasibility, to submission of sites to the IRB review boards. Any type of approvals from the review board from obtaining the main study to individual site approvals and Trial Master files. Now, I work mainly in compliance and I am the receiver/keeper of employee training documents along with the review of vendors and vendor management. My responsibility also touches working with auditors and creating SOPs and keeping the SOPs current. I also make sure that all staff training records up to date.

As you look back, what big goals did the company achieve from when you started to now?

The company has ventured out in many different areas, from consulting to electronic files, eStaffing, new and improved platforms and various other ventures.

What’s kept you working at ClinEdge all these years?

I think that the reason that I stayed here was that I wanted to see this company organized, succeeding in areas that not many other companies have a place in. The many platforms that we use have allowed us to become more efficient and manageable. I also have terrific rapport with my bosses. It is very important that management listen to employees and get their opinion on what they think will better the company.

What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of the designs I've been able to create over my time here at ClinEdge. Knowing a logo I've designed or a website I've helped develop will be seen across the country (and even the world) is exciting! Plus knowing that it could be a first impression for a patient in need of a trial is rewarding.

Where do you see ClinEdge in the next 5 years?

Where do you see ClinEdge in the next 5 years? Still growing and branching out into new fields. The sky is the limit.


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