Bring your trial directly to the patient

Improve recruitment, compliance, and retention in decentralized trials. ClinEdge provides a unique blend of remote, patient-centric, community-based clinical trial services that streamline the clinical trial process and connect participating sites, labs and patients.

  • Home Health Care
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient Navigator
  • Data Management-eSource

The ClinEdge Approach

Through central communication, education, and training, to ensure that patient visits can be conducted virtually, in person, or within the comforts of their home.

Home Health Care

ClinEdge manages and centralizes all trial requirements, acting as the one point of contact to completely remove the burden from the patient and the research study. read more...

Nursing Services

Specializing in clinical trials and home health care visit completion

IP Management

Patients can provide samples for many laboratory tests from the comfort of their own home. IP shipment, transport, and storage solutions to meet even the most demanding industry standards.

Patient Navigator Services

Focused on building and maintaining a relationship with the patient and caregiver, while ensuring the study deliverables are designed and executed through each patient's customized trial roadmap.

Remote Monitoring-eSource

Easy access to Site source documents, query management, and direct communication between site staff and monitor. read more...


Designed to enable sites to complete visits virtually using telehealth technology. ClinEdge designs the remote visit workflow and manages training as well as compliance at the site and patient level. Through the incorporation of elements such as monitoring vital signs and transmission of study-related images, ClinEdge is able to enhance current research studies by replacing in-person visits with virtual video visits. read more...


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