Quality patient leads, ready to enroll

ClinEdge's highly trained enrollment center can handle both large and small volume clinical trials with adaptive pricing structures that enable effective pre-screening, appointment reminders, and integrated site technology to improve timelines. Our Enrollment Specialists are skilled at navigating complex protocols, and addressing patient concerns to support recruitment and engagement.

  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Patient Pre-screening Tools
  • Patient Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Study Protocol Visit Assessments

Enrollment Center Support Patient Engagement and Retention

Our Patient Enrollment Specialists carefully review each study protocol before pre-screening patients. By understanding the specifics of each study, our team phone screens and forwards only the most applicable potential patients to research sites.

Global Pre-screening

Development of Pre-Screen Questionnaires, Pre-screening Interested Patients, Warm Transfer of Patients to Site Contact, Engagement Support

Referral Source/Community Outreach

Development of a Patient Profile; Research and Attendance of Local Community Events, Coordinating Lunch and Learns, Staffing Support

Patient Retention

Patient Reminders via Text, Phone or Email, Patient Compliance Plans, Real-time Patient Tracking, Site Communication and Patient Lead Updates

Site Recruitment Support

Development of a Site Communication Plan, Liaison Between Site and Patient, Address Recruitment Hurdles, Collaboration with Sponsor/CRO to Ensure No Overlap Responsibilities, Enrollment Activity Reports

Remote Database Outreach

Chart Review through Business Associate Agreement to identify potential patients, Pre-screening and Direct Scheduling; Sites provide Enrollment Team with an Excel Workbook Patient List

Source Development and eCapture

Development of Source to Ensure Identical Collection of Data Points Across the Program; Completion of phone visits, Collection of Adverse Events; EDC Entry within 24 hours of Completed Visits

The best part of my job is having the ability to speak with various clients, learn about their exact needs and strategize a specific plan to create increased exposure for their clinical trials.


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Enrollment & Retention for Sponsors

By understanding the specifics of each study, our team phone screens and forwards only the most applicable potential patients to research sites.

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