All-inclusive marketing tailored to your site

ClinEdge's marketing team supports sites with tailored monthly packages that includes social media management, blogging, indication specific based advertising, e-newsletter creation and development, and study announcements.

  • Social Media Management
  • eNewsletters
  • Study Annoucements
  • Blogging
  • Text Message Services
  • Website Content Creation
  • Local Outreach Support
  • Indication-based Recruitment via Targeted Online Ads

Managed Marketing Services

Our advertising gurus and social media experts work with your site to develop a custom service package that meets your growing needs, budget, ongoing studies, and geographic location. Your dedicated account manager will work to implement and manage your site's marketing so you can focus on your patient's care.

National Patient Database

Through a strategic partnership, ClinEdge offers our clients access to a database of over 400,000 patients across the country who have previously expressed interest in participating in clinical trials. ClinEdge is then able to target patient populations by geographic location and indication in order to yield the highest quality leads around your site's location.

Community Outreach

ClinEdge takes the extra step in identifying and engaging with potential patients around your site’s location. One way we take this extra step is by reaching out to local physicians’ offices that see the type of patients your study is recruiting for. This method presents an opportunity to provide a patient with educational materials that are supplied through the trusted hands of their physician. We also offer social media outreach, where we reach out to online communities of people living with your trial's indication to inform them about your trial.

Online Advertising

With hundreds of executed studies under our belt, ClinEdge is able to draw upon a wealth of valuable experience and historic metrics to plan study-specific campaigns that are tailored to your sites needs and study protocols. Through highly targeted online ads, our marketing specialists are able to reach specific patient populations and place advertisements in front of the most qualified and interested patients.

Patient Pre-Screening

The enrollment center is comprised of advanced specialists who pre-screen incoming leads on behalf of a site/sponsor. This reduces the burden on the site level and means your site is only speaking with patients who are most likely to qualify.

Traditional Media

ClinEdge understands that not every patient population can be reached through online tactics. Our team executes market research to understand where best a patient can be reached and offers traditional media campaigns through TV, radio, print, local bus ads, etc., for your trial.


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