National & Local Outreach Campaigns

ClinEdge leverages the power of advocacy, support groups, physicians, and other local organizations in order to drive referrals to participating study sites. Utilizing the resources offered by these groups is an impactful way to engage with patients and caregivers, as patients associate a high level of credibility and trust for the information shared with these organizations.

  • Advocacy Groups
  • Medical facilities & Clinics, Support group leaders
  • Local Community Events

National & Local Outreach

Through thoughtful, planned outreach we connect with leaders in the community to drive study awareness and secure patient referrals. Our advantage comes from understanding the complexities and sensitivities around the conversation in partnering with advocacy, support, physicians and local community groups. A primary focus is to drive exposure to the clinical study and ensure each site has increased exposure to partner with potential groups and drive in qualified patient leads.

Identify and engage

Identify and engage with potential referring advocacy and support groups, physicians and clinics

Host events for patients

Partner with sponsors to host events for patients

Outreach Work-Flow Example

Step 1 Implement Tracker

Create a master tracker with sponsor that tracks all referral groups and affiliated communication.

Step 2 Start Outreach

ClinEdge will conduct outreach via phone calls & emails to inquire about a potential partnership regarding study.

Step 3 Follow-up

ClinEdge will conduct multiple outreach attempts to all relevant sources. All follow-up outreach includes reminder calls/emails based on establishing initial relationship and ensuring those established are generating patient interest.

Step 4 Research

ClinEdge can also research and populate a list of national or local sources relative to disease/indication.

My position is most rewarding when sites are awarded competitive clinical trials in high interest indications.​ This not only helps their business to grow, but also continues to progress the future developments of clinical therapies.


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